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Since being established in 1966, Greater London Darts Organisation (GLDO) has been a real force in County Darts. We have had top players such as Eric Bristow, Keith Deller, Andy Fordham Steve Beaton and Chris Mason proudly wearing a London shirt

Have a wander through the archives where you will find team photos and results sheets from days gone by

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BICC Division One

14th/15th SEP19            A v Hertfordshire (W 19-17)
19th/20th OCT19           H vs Oxfordshire (D 18-18)
2nd/3rd NOV19               A v Sussex (W 22-14)
30th Nov/1st DEC19     A v Dorset (L 14-22)
18th/19th JAN20           H v Cheshire (W 21-15)
8th/9th FEB20               A v Cambridgeshire (W 19-17)
29th Feb/1st MAR20    H v Staffordshire (W 25-11)
28th/29th MAR20          A v West Midlands
25th/26th APR20           H v Humberside

BICC Division One

15th/16th SEP18          H v Hertfordshire (L 15-21)
13th/14th OCT18          A v Oxfordshire (D 18-18)
15th/16th DEC18         H v Dorset (rearranged) (W 19-17)
19th/20th JAN19        A v Devon (L 13-23)
9th/10th FEB19           H v Cambridgeshire (W 19-17)
23rd/24th FEB19        H v Sussex (rearranged) (W 20-16)
2nd/3rd MAR19            A v Gwent (W 20-16)
30th/31st MAR19         H v Cornwall (L 14-22)
27th/28th APR19         A v Nottinghamshire (W 20-16)

BICC Division One

16th/17th SEP17           A v Northamptonshire (W 20-16)
14th/15th OCT17          H v Oxfordshire (L 16-20)
4th/5th NOV17             A v County Durham (L 16-20)
25th/26th NOV17        A v Dorset (L 15-21)
20th/21st JAN18         H v Essex (L 14-22)
10th/11th FeEB18        A v Surrey (W 20-16)
24th/25th MAR18        A v Cornwall (L 16-20)
21st/22nd APR18         H v Nottinghamshire (L 16-20)
5th/6th MAY18              H v Gwent (rearranged) (W 22-14)

BICC Division One

1st/2nd OCT16              A v Oxfordshire (L 19-17)
15th/16th OCT16          H v Kent (L 14-22)
29th/30th OCT16        H v County Durham (W 19-17)
26th/27th NOV16        H v Dorset (W 22-14)
21st/22nd JAN17         A v Hampshire (D 18-18)
11th/12th FEB17           H v Cleveland (W 28-8)
4th/5th MAR17             A v Gwent (W 21-15)
1st/2nd APR17              H v Cornwall (W 23-13)
22nd/23rd APR17        A v West Midlands (D 18-18)

BICC Division Two

5th/6th SEP15                H v Northamptonshire (W 19-17)
3rd/4th OCT15                 A v Berkshire(W 20-16)
31st OCT/1st NOV15      A v Suffolk (W 22-14)
28th/29th NOV15           H v Cumbria (W 21-15)
23rd/24th JAN16            A v Staffordshire (W 19-17)
6th/7th FEB16                 H v Somerset (W 25-11)
5th/6th MAR16                A v Sussex (L 17-19)
2nd/3rd APR16                H v Worcestershire (W 23-13)
23rd/24th APR16            A v West Midlands (D 18-18)

BICC Division Two

6th/7th SEP14           A v Northamptonshire (D 18-18)
4th/5th OCT14           H v Berkshire (W 21-15)
1st/2nd NOV14           H v Suffolk (W 24-11)
29th/30th NOV14      A v Wiltshire (W 21-15)
17th/18th JAN15        H v Nottinghamshire(L 15-21)
7th/8th FEB15            A v Merseyside (D18-18)
28th/29th MAR15      H v Sussex (W 21-15)
11th/12th APR15          A v Derbyshire (W 19-17)
30th/31st MAY15        H v West Midlands (W 20-16)

BICC Division One

7th/8th SEP13                 A v Hampshire (L 11-25)

5th/6th OCT13                 H v Nottinghamshire (W 24-12)

2nd/3rd NOV13                A v Devon (L 16-20)

30th NOV/1st DEC13     H v Cornwall (L 16-20)

18th/19th JAN14             A v County Durham (W 20-16)

1st/2nd MAR14                H v Surrey (W 20-16)

29th/30th MAR14           A v Staffordshire (L 16-20)

26th/27th APR14            A v Dorset (L 15-21)

31st May/1st JUN14       H v Lincolnshire (L 16-20)


BICC Division Two

8th/9th SEP12          H v Suffolk (W 26-10)
6th/7th OCT12          A v Bedfordshire (W 24-12)
1st/2nd DEC12          H v Wiltshire (W 24-12)
9th/10th FEB13        H v Lincolnshire (W 21-15)
2nd/3rd MAR13         A v Somerset (W 19-17)
23rd/24th MAR13     H v Berkshire (W 19-17)
6th/7th APR13            A v Norfolk (rearranged) (W 21-15)
13th/14th APR13        H v Hertfordshire (W 24-12)
11th/12th MAY13         A v Northamptonshire (D 18-18)

BICC Division One

10th/11th SEP11             A v Devon (L 16-20)
8th/9th OCT11                H v Gwent (L 15-21)  
5th/6th NOV11                A v Cornwall (D 18-18)
3rd/4th DEC11                H v County Durham (W 21-15)
28th/29th JAN12           A v Bedfordshire (W 19-17)
11th/12th FEB12              A v Dorset (L 17-19)
3rd/4th MAR12                H v West Midlands (D 18-18)
31st MAR/1st APR12      A v Derbyshire (L 13-23)
28th/29th APR12            H v Surrey (L 11-25)

BICC Division One

11th/12th SEP10        H v Oxfordshire (L 17-19)
23rd/24th OCT10      A v Gwent (D 18-18)
20th/21st NOV10      H v Somerset (W 27-9)
15th/16th JAN11        H v Bedfordshire (W 28-8)
12th/13th FEB11         H v Hampshire (L 15-21)
5th/6th MAR11            A v West Midlands (W 19-17)
26th/27th MAR11       A v County Durham (rearranged) (L 12-24)
2nd/3rd APR11            H v Derbyshire (W 19-17)
7th/8th MAY11             A v Middlesex (W 20-16)

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